Gunite Pools

Designs by O’Neil & Associates can create all gunite pools to desired shapes and sizes based on client’s request. You no longer need to look at a square or circle shaped pool for your Long Island yard. Our design team will meet with you and help design virtually any shape pool you like. Gunite is a simple dry mix of concrete and sand that is mixed together. Once the mix has dried then we combined it with water as it is sprayed to create the custom pool surface. The biggest advantage of a gunite pool from our Long Island company is, as discussed can be made into any shape. Gunite is easier to construct rather then using plain poured concrete. Cleaning gunite pools is also easier.

You can vacuum and replace the water easily and quickly. This is a huge advantage when it comes to maintaining your pool. You can add any amenity you could ever think of to a gunite pool. We can add a great swimming pool slide, or a diving board. Did you ever think of an island in the middle of your pool serving cool Pina Coldas on a hot summer eve? Well think of it now because we can make it possible! Feel free to visit our complete gallery for some of our recent gunite pool jobs.  Contact a professional builder of inground pools on Long Island for a free estimate.

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Vinyl Pools

There are many advantages for having a vinyl pool. You can definitely increase the value of your home with this Long Island landscape service. If you still are pondering over why a vinyl pool is the best for your home here are some of the most alluring details of a vinyl pool installed in your Long Island yard. First algae and other bacteria find it difficult to breed on a smooth surface. The natural smooth feeling and non- porous vinyl makes the water occupying the pool clean and pure. As well as gunite pools vinyl pools require light maintenance. When winter comes around this type of pool is the easiest to winterize. Vinyl pools are very flexible. These types of pools are stain resistant as any stain can simply be wiped off. We offer consultation on maintaining all pools. Some suggestions include the chemical balance and pH level of the water.

long island paving and masonry services

Walk ways & Stoops

We are more then happy to show you many of the custom stoops and walkways we have designed of the years. We can create a step just for you to match your home. We give you only the top of the line products. Have a specific color or design? Let one of our associates know and we will be sure to accommodate you. We have years of experience and hundreds of happy satisfied clients. Please feel free to tour our gallery and view many of the luxuries custom walkways and stoops we can design for you today!

brick and stone patio

Brick & Stone Patios

Brick walkways, patios and landings are some of the many Long Island landscaping services Designs by O’Neil can design for you. Let us bring a high – quality classic look to your home or business. Brick and Stone Patios are low maintenance and are of high durability. Gorgeous patterns can be incorporated into your design. Our design team will supply you with a wide variety of shapes and colors for your Long Island patio, now being offered in brick material. Do not ignore your garden we can create a beautiful setting using the natural resources of mother earth. Sandstone, Flagstone, and ordinary rocks are artistically put together to create a stunning habitat for your plants, shrubs, and more. Each stone is unique and reflects one of a kind appearance for your Long Island patio. Services include Stone and brick paving, grading, laying gravel on driveways, and more. All work is completed in house by a fully licensed and insured mason no work is sub contracted out to ensure the highest quality and your satisfaction. For residential or commercial Long Island patio, paving and masonry cost estimate contact us.

masonry barbecue

Custom Masonry Barbecue

The term masonry refers to construction with the use of stone. Our stonemason (a mason specialist) is very skilled in building custom masonry barbecues. Masonry is a quite distinctive Long Island landscaping service. When building custom masonry barbecues several factors are involved. Engineering and Physics as some stones must be carefully placed to make sure a safe and solid building goes smoothly.

A custom masonry barbecue is more then the ideal way of getting that steak, hot dog, or hamburger we all love in the summer. It is the center piece of your backyard. Let us build this amazing extension for your home. A custom masonry barbeque will last a life time, and that never ending awe from your house guests. Design’s by O’Neil & Associates has been building masonry barbeques in all shapes and sizes for many years. If you would like a simple out door masonry grill or a full paradise, our mason designers will build the barbeque of your dreams!

inground pool istallation


The most vital part of any Long Island pool and landscape project is the design. We are giving you the opportunity to grasp the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenating of your life. All you have to do is let Designs by O’Neil & Associates design and create the perfect pool scapes. We will consult with you one on one in the creation of your master planned environment. From pool position to deck space, waterfalls and many different aspects of your yard we will be there to help you with the process. We are a company above all others. We make sure everything comes together in a balanced and meaningful way.

We take the time to consider your desire as a homeowner. Our construction division produces detailed engineered drawings of your master plan. This will re assure you that your pool will be correctly constructed in a timely fashion. Our experienced and knowledgeable superintendents will oversee the layout and entire process to make sure everything will run smoothly.

landscape design


Design’s by O’Neil & Associates is the leading providers for professional landscape design. Our Long Island landscaping services include complete site planning, custom landscape and design along with complete installation, and horticultural consultations from our Long Island Landscape Designers. A site plan starts with a visit with one of our designers. During this meeting we will determine the best location and elevation for your home and outdoor space. We will also assist you in locating areas on your yard that would be key for preserving design and growth. Custom landscaping offers fully integrated turnkey services. This means that all it will take is one call to Design’s by O’Neil and we will handle everything from graving, paving and tree trimming and removal.

stone retaining wall installation

Retaining Walls

A retaining wall is a structure that holds back rock or soil from a building or structure. These custom designed walls prevent down slope movement or erosions. Retaining walls are generally made of masonry, stone, brick, concrete, vinyl, steel, or timber. Obtaining a retaining wall in your backyard or surrounding areas is not only a smart idea in maintaining the value of your home but it adds a nice touch to your environment. Our design team will sit with you and show you the many benefits you will receive while building a retaining wall.

custom landscaping design

Waterfalls & Ponds

When it comes to building a custom waterfall and pond we want to bring all we have to the table. With a design team and the right products a custom waterfall and pond is just what you need. Running water with a well balance design surrounded by a beautiful garden is the true definition of relaxation. Nothing can compare to the tranquil setting you will experience once Design’s by O’Neil has created a magnificent water feature for your home. A peaceful and enlightening experience is what you deserve, let us supply with that feeling today!